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Web skills for business professionals

Get the skills you need to create and manage responsive, accessible intranets and public websites with integrated content management systems.


HTML logoHypertext Markup Language structures content on a web page. It's the core programming language of web design. HTML5 contains new features for creating multimedia elements and mobile-friendly web pages.


CSS logoCSS (Cascading Style Sheets) controls all aspects of the appearance and style of a web page for optimal presentation on phone, tablet, and desktop devices.

Microsoft SharePoint Designer®

Microsoft SharePoint Designer logoSharePoint Designer is a specialized HTML editor for managing workflows and modifying styles on SharePoint platforms. An essential tool for SharePoint intranet developers.  

Adobe Dreamweaver®

Adobe Dreamweaver logoDreamweaver is one of the web worlds's leading code editors. Users can choose powerful graphic or code views to quickly create and manage sophisticated websites for all devices.

Adobe Contribute®

Adobe Contribute logoContribute is a content management companion program for Dreamweaver. It's simple interface makes it easy to add text, images, media, or new pages to an existing website.


WordPress logoWordPress is a free, versatile web development and content management application. It's an excellent solution for websites that require frequent updates.

A solid foundation

Web design is more complex than ever. But in the business world, many webmasters inherit the job without a solid technical foundation. We give developers the skills they need to produce effective, professional websites.